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In addition to our regular services, USC also offers a variety of service solutions for your company.
Oil Work


USC has an oil testing laboratory at its Huntsville facility along with two mobile oil vacuum degasifier/processors that can perform on-site oil filtering and reclamation at a rate of up to 2400 GPH.  These units can be ready to roll to your location within a few hours.  All oil work is performed by NETA certified technicians.

Ground Resistance Testing


Are you comfortable with your grounding system?  Do you know if it will protect your equipment when you need it to?  USC performs fall of potential, ground resistance, neutral/ground isolation and insulation resistance testing.  Our trained technicians and calibrated earth resistance analyzers are standing by to ease your concerns regarding proper grounding.

Self-Inspection Program


USC will be glad to come to your location and help you develop a formal self-inspection program.  We tailor these programs to fit your needs whether it be a simple list of visual periodic examinations or a formal checklist to be done by your maintenance personnel at designated intervals. A monthly internal program coupled with internal and/or external quarterly inspection could give you the information you need to make decisions that will help avoid costly shutdowns in the future.

Generator Rental

Need a generator for a big job? USC has a 75 MegaWatt Generator available for rent for your business or projects.

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